February in Review

February is done!!! That means warmer weather and less snow (hopefully)! This past months saw a few different changes, and some new changes on the horizon!


Total Miles: 36.1

I’m totally cool with this! It puts me on track to beat last year’s mileage, (my goal), and puts me in a good position for half marathon training. That number actually had the potential to be higher but I missed a few workouts.

Total Treadmill Miles: 17.8

A little less than half my runs were on the treadmill…yikes. It’s a convenient option for sure, but I actually hate running on the treadmill. It’s pretty monotonous. I’m hoping that better weather will allow me to run outside a little more.

Favourite Strength Training Exercise:

I’m going to have to go with Assisted Dips. I used to HATE this exercise since my upper-body strength is nowhere near my lower body strength. But since I started my current strength training program four weeks ago, I’ve noticed that I can do the exercise with less and less weight – I started at 100lbs for 20 reps total, and now I’m at 70lbs for 25 reps total. I’d call that success!

Races: I kept it light in February and didn’t do any races. This month has a 5k on tap, so watch out for a review!

Cool Stuff That Happened:

I finally joined the gym that I was talking about and I love it! It’s not too busy, and it has everything you need. It also has an indoor track and an Olympic-size swimming pool.

I also became an ambassador for Insane Labz and American Metabolix! They’re both amazing companies that I love, so I’m glad I get to represent them. Don’t forget to check out my discount codes page to get some serious discounts!

Lastly…I reached 100 followers on the blog! Like I’ve said before, this is pretty cool because I never thought 100 people would care about what I have to say. So thanks guys!


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy


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