Throwback Thursday: Goodlife Fitness City Chase

I’m deciding to jump on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon and reminisce about one of my favourite race: the 2015 Goodlife Fitness City Chase!

This race holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first one that Daniel (my boyfriend) and I ever did together. The design of the race is part obstacle course/part scavenger hunt; so it requires not only speed, but strategy as well. The “chase points” were scattered all over the city, which definitely made it challenging to cut down on time and made you rely on transit (and running).

2015 Goodlife Fitness City Chase Toronto

Daniel & I at the start line…clearly one of us is more excited than the other. 

The race itself was organized really well. At each chase point, there were volunteers that described the chase point activity and guided you through the steps to complete it. In order to complete the race, you had to complete 12 chase points, however there was an option to complete all of the chase points to be considered an “Endurance Finisher”. My favourite chase point was one that took place not too far from the start line on the waterfront. There was a slip and slide that went downhill and one partner had to toss a Frisbee to the other partner who was sliding down. One successful catch = a successful chase point.


We also managed to get a nice shot at one of the chase points…thanks volunteers!


Action shot! This chase point consisted of a lap around a marked course in one of these balls!

Daniel and I loved this event so much that we signed up for this year! It’s in June, and I’ll be sure you write a review!


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy


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