Mid-Week Recap (Day 40)

So far, this week’s been a little bit of a whirlwind for me but I was still able to get a leg workout in on Monday and a long run on Tuesday. I’m not sure why/how this happened, but ever since yesterday evening, I’ve had this nasty cough that hasn’t let up so I decided to take it easy today and rest.

This weekend’s going to be a little crazy for us, but providing that my cough has gone away tomorrow, I’ll definitely be in the gym. Daniel and I are also going to a place called Pursuit OCR on Sunday, so as per usual, I’ll be sure to blog it and let you guys know how it went.

Here is the run that I did


And as for my leg workout, I was feeling super lazy Monday afternoon and decided to just do it in my living room! I have the Nike Training Club app on my iPod, which is a Godsend if you’re looking for a quick supplement to your workout. The workouts generally range from 10 minutes-45 minutes and vary in intensity. Since I was doing legs, I went to the “Get Focused” area of the app and scrolled through until I found some leg workouts. I picked Leaner Legs and Beach Legs, (a cumulative workout time of 30 minutes)…boy did it kick my butt!

As I talked about in my last running blog post, I decided to focus on more compound exercises in efforts to save time. Since I’m looking to cut some mass, I’m ok with not doing as many isolating exercises. If you guys have any questions about my exercise plan/my diet plan, feel free to comment below!


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy



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