End of Week Check-In (Day 29)

This week was definitely challenging. Getting back into training when you’ve been off for two weeks isn’t easy. I also had a bit of a rookie moment: after going on two runs with my new Forerunner 25 and seeing how slow my pace was, I realized auto-pause off. Now that I’ve turned it on, I’m looking forward to seeing my normal pace again.

The race is officially four weeks away and I honestly couldn’t be more nervous. I feel like I’m not prepared enough and haven’t been training hard enough. Anyone else feel this way before a race as well? I’m hoping with a good week of training under my belt, my mentality will change.

Due to the fact that my auto-pause was off, I’m not going to include the stats of my long run or progression run, however I did a chest and tricep workout on Wednesday that’s outlined below:

Tricep Extension – 15lbs @ 45 reps

Chest Press – 50lbs @ 41 reps

Overhead Tricep Extension – 50lbs @ 45 reps

Peck Fly – 50lbs @ 45 reps

Tricep Kickbacks – 15lbs @ 38 reps

Dumbbell Bench Press – 25lbs @ 31 reps

If anything, I’m looking at dropping some mass right now, which is why the reps are high. I could definitely lift a lot more if it I was aiming for fewer reps, (right now, I aim for three sets @ a minimum of 10 reps and a max of 15).

On another note, I’m booking an appointment with an RMT, (registered massage therapist), so once I go to that appointment, I’ll write a post for you guys to let you know how it went.


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy


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