Mid-Week Recap (Day 24)

I decided to revamp the blog a bit and shift my focus to races that I’m training for and any progressions/downfalls that result from that. Because of this, I deleted my first blog post since it doesn’t really fit the bill.

Anyways, today was the first day that my ear infection has subsided enough that I was able to continue training for the Downsview 8k (I’m current 24 days in). I’m pretty excited for this run for two reasons: one, the course is in the Downsview Hangar so it’s entirely flat (maybe a pr is my future?) and two, it’s the first race I’m doing with my boyfriend Daniel. To train for it, I’m using the Nike 10k Training Plan and just scaling back the miles to the lesser amount required. I had amazing success with this training plan when I trained for the Toronto Women’s 10k in August, so I figured I shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

Since today’s the first day I’ve actually felt decent enough to run in about two weeks, my pace was about a minute slower than I’m capable of running (I ran 4mi at 47:53). I should also point out that I’m not a fast runner to begin with, if anything, I’m on the slow side. I’m hoping with more time that will change.

Daniel got me a Garmin Forerunner 25 for my birthday, so I got to take it out for its first run today! Running without a phone is pretty liberating. I’m actually kind of embarrassed to say I heavily relied on my phone during runs. Since I have a Galaxy 6 and I’m not crazy about Google Music, I run with my iPod as well. Now that I don’t run with a phone anymore, I need to find a belt of sorts to carry my iPod and keys…I’m so close to a hands-free run!

Tuesday’s Stats

4 mi @ 11:57/MI, 47:53 minutes of Moving Time


-Running Fast, Lifting Heavy


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Recap (Day 24)

  1. Hands free running is super liberating. I think in a way it also improves your form. I use a flip belt for all of my things and it has a nice clip if you need to hold keys as well. Good luck on your 8k!


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